Aging Out With Hope

Youth aging out of foster care are more at risk to engage in drugs & alcohol, become sex trafficked, homeless, incarcerated, and struggle with mental illness than any other youth that has not been subjected to living in foster care.

Youth Leaving Foster Care Should Age Out With Hope!


The Past of a Little Girl Determined To Live!

She was taken from her mother because her mother was a drug addict, then she was put in a home where she was told her life would be better. She would find out that her life became worse.

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Abused and Homeless Behind the Smile

Aging out into a world that held no punches. Smiling for the camera while being broken on the inside, sleeping from place to place, and getting abused. No one would have ever known.


She Fought! She Won! She Conquered!

Determined not to allow her past to dictate her future. Her goal is to fight for as many young adults aging out of foster care as she can. The young adults will not lose. They will no longer EXIST in this world, THEY WILL LIVE!

Youth who changeover into our Rise n Hope Transitional Home will break the cycles of abuse and stop the risky behaviors that will lead to ongoing hardships. 


You Can Make a Difference


Aging Out of Care With Support Gave Me Hope

I was in foster care since the age of 6 with no adoptive family and then I met my worker Octavia Bradley, who went above and beyond to get me and my sister adopted into loving homes. She is a great, passionate woman who cares about those she is helping. She provided me with the opportunity to live a better life outside of foster care by linking me with resources that I needed, showing me how to budget my finances, showed me how to fill out applications, and helped me seek out the pain of my past so I could live in this world productively. 

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You Can Help!

Charles Mendes was raised in foster care and he knows firsthand what it was like to leave the system with nothing and no support. Being a mentor in our Aging Out With Hope program allows him to give back by helping provide shelter and essential services to young adults leaving foster care. Because our special consultants and mentors have experienced each service provided, we are at an advantage when guiding our youth and families in the direction of hope. 

You Can Make A Difference!