Octavia Bradley, MA Professional Therapist

Counseling located in Maplewood, NJ


Meet Octavia Bradley, MA Professional Therapist

Professional Therapist & Life Enhancement Coach

Octavia Bradley is a professional therapist, a life coach, and the founder and CEO of Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC in Maplewood, New Jersey. 

Before opening her therapy and nonprofit coaching and consulting firm, Octavia worked in social services as a substance use disorder counselor, a case manager for mothers in need, and a family service worker for the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families foster care system.

In 2017, Octavia resigned from her position with the state and turned to teaching, serving as an educator at several colleges and universities. She opened Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC in 2018 to shed light on and end the cycle of abuse, poverty, and self-harm. 

In addition to her therapy and consulting work, Octavia has an online talk show called Let’s Talk, winning awards for best and most viewed talk show on the Christian Vision Entertainment Network. 

Octavia is also an author and has written two books: an autobiography titled “Leaked Spilling Secrets of Trauma” and “Reveal 2 Heal Working from the Inside Out.” 

Born in The Bronx and raised in Harlem in New York City, Octavia’s story is similar to those she helps. Growing up, she faced many obstacles. But, instead of succumbing to these obstacles, she broke the chains and created new generational traditions. 

Octavia is an advocate for victims of abuse in her community. Her goal is to inform, strengthen, and encourage individuals to take back their lives, spill their secrets of trauma, and begin living a life on purpose.

Guided by her slogan, Level up its healing time, Octavia is committed to reviving, repairing, and restructuring individuals and families.