Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision services offered in Maplewood, NJ

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an essential part of the therapy training process. At Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC in Maplewood, New Jersey, Octavia Bradley and the team of professional therapists provide clinical supervision for community behavioral health and social work programs. They help these programs meet staffing needs and regulatory and procedural guidelines. Learn more about clinical supervision at the nonprofit counseling, coaching, and consulting firm by calling today. Services are available online.

Clinical Supervision Q&A

What is clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision is a process in which a trained professional observes, evaluates, and coaches a client, counselor, or organization, providing professional guidance while maintaining high-quality patient care. 

The clinical supervisor is central to helping the trainee gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their career. The clinical supervisor:


The clinical supervisor is a teacher to the trainee, helping them develop their counseling skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.


Clinical supervisors consult on cases, reviewing and monitoring the trainee’s performance and providing constructive feedback.


As a coach, the clinical supervisor evaluates the trainee’s strengths and needs, makes suggestions for change, and helps build a support system to prevent burnout.


The clinical supervisor also acts as a mentor, teaching the trainee through role modeling. 

Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC offers free temporary or long-term clinical supervision for their community. The counseling practice wants to improve access to mental health services to strengthen the community. 

Who needs clinical supervision?

Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC provides clinical supervision for behavioral health and social work programs of all sizes. The consulting firm offers supervised training programs as part of these programs to help assist providers in achieving licensing while still providing quality care. 

As a professional practice, Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC is intimately familiar with the skills, training, qualifications, and responsibilities necessary to become a therapist. The clinical supervisors are available for individual and group sessions and can work as trainees at an office or online.

The team at Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC has clinical supervisory experience in nearly all sectors and specialties, including nonprofit and licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs). 

What are the benefits of clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision with the team of professionals at Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC ensures you and your team confidently meet all legal requirements for therapy so you can focus on your core mission. 

The team ensures those trainees focused on obtaining their license receive all the support and education they need to maintain high-quality care. They also use time-saving, HIPAA-compliant technology that makes scheduling, note taking, record keeping, and personal interactions simple and easy.

One of the biggest benefits of clinical supervision at Reveal 2 Heal Consulting Services LLC is that services are free and provided by seasoned clinical therapists on demand.

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