Patient Reviews

Alaina expressed that her meeting with Ms. Octavia made her feel happy, confident, and hopeful.

Alaina R. | May 16, 2024
Isabel was a great listener. She validated my emotions and made it effortless to share my story. Wish we had more time but I look forward to our next appointment.

Shannon D. | Apr 10, 2024
Mrs. Bradley has been such an added benefit to my grandson. Going through a divorce can be very difficult, not just for me, but the children, but Mrs. Bradley has gone above and beyond to make this process easier. She has shown such understanding and patience. Without her guidance, this process will be a lot more difficult for us. She has given us the tool and framework to help rebuild our confidence and move forward with a positive outlook, and I will forever be thankful.

A H. | Apr 06, 2024
She establishes an empathetic environment with the client, is experienced in pet loss/grief, and she does a wonderful job at having a calm and reassuring manner.

Kamali H. | Mar 31, 2024